Chest Press exercise is ideal for training upper body muscles, especially chest muscles. This unit has range limiters and isometric strength testing possibility.

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Touchscreen Hi5
10″ Hi5 touchscreen.

Neck Cushion
Neck cushion is a comfortable and ergonomic cushion for additional support.

Isometric testing sensor attachment
Isometric measurements like maximum strength and muscular balance can be measured using a separate Performance Recorder -device, if the machine is equipped with a sensor attachment.

Range limiters – start position
Range limiters can be used to limit the range of motion. This feature is particularly relevant in rehabilitation applications or if user has a long-term impairment.

Multigrip handles
Both horizontal and vertical grips are possible. This feature allows to perform exercises using different grip positions.

Adjustable seat
Adjustable seat height. Steplessly adjustable seats help the user find a correct, safe and effective training position.


Tube grip glove
The tube grip glove helps holding grip while exercising. A tube grip glove is a suitable tool for those suffering loss of grip or aching joints etc. Gloves are available in black, for both hands or for a single hand.

Electrically adjustable seat height
Seat height is adjusted electrically by touch screen. Electrically adjustable seat helps finding a correct, safe and effective training position.

Only available for HUR SmartTouch Hi5 machines.

Foot rest for upper body machine
Foot rest assists in stabilization during the exercise, especially for short users.

Floor mount bracket
Equipment can be fixed to the floor.

Seat cushion
Seat cushion helps adjusting training position for different size of users.

Foot pedal adjustment
This feature allows users to adjust resistance with their feet in upper body machines – even during the exercise. Available only for analogue machines.