HUR is a complete solution for training and testing, and offers a wide range of strength training devices for exercise and rehabilitation, a smart exercise system with software for automated reporting and follow-up – HUR SmartTouch, compatible cardio products and versatile testing products for assessing balance, maximum strength and jumps

HUR Pulley Functional Trainer

This equipment range, which is suitable for a variety of ages and abilities, incorporates many features that enhance safety and facilitate rehabilitation, for example, range limiters and additional supports. HUR Premium Line equipment is recognized as medical devices.

› Computerized training and operations
› Close to zero starting load
› 100g / 1/4 lbs increments
› Automatic resistance increase
› Safe natural movements
› Air resistance
› HUR Medical Concepts with training
› Group test comparison

HUR Pulley Functional Trainer

HUR Pulley offers a large range of exercises in one machine. As with all other HUR machines it uses pneumatic technology which enables perfect balance between exercise load and the muscles’ output force, regardless of the speed of the movement.

› Over 20 different exercises in one machine
› The starting resistance is close to zero, and increase
resistance with as little as 100g/ 1/4 lbs
› Fully enclosed mechanism enhances safety and eastethics
› Dual handles and an adjustable height cable column
enable performing numerous exercises
› With a wide range of accessories HUR Pulley is suitable
for exercising the entire body

HUR FreeTrainer

The HUR FreeTrainer allows you to add equipment-free exercises, e.g. stretching and active static workouts, into your exercise palette and training programmes, in addition to regular exercises performed with HUR machines.

› Perform equipment-free exercises within the
HUR SmartTouch Ecosystem
› In sync with the user’s HUR SmartTouch profile
› Paper-free training programmes and instructions
› Automatic follow-up and reporting.